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Park City Miners Baseball Foundation

Dedicated to preserving and promoting the Park City, UT tradition in Baseball.

Our Goals

  1. To help build a vibrant high school baseball culture in Park City, UT.

  2. To provide college scholarship assistance to Park City High School baseball players.

  3. To provide financial assistance to support the programs and activities to develop high

    school baseball players academically, mentally and physically.

  4. To provide non-profit time and service opportunities for Park City High School baseball

    players to gain knowledge and experience in the working world.

Our Activities

The Park City Miners Baseball Foundation will build an active membership of past, present and future coaches, players and supporters of the Park City High School Baseball team. Each year the Foundation will embark on fundraising activities to build the financial strength of the Foundation and increase the ability to provide scholarship, financial assistance and non-profit service opportunities to players, coaches and key supporters of the program in the community.




Support Park City Baseball & Softball

Dear Parents and Alumni,

As many of you know, the desire to improve the Park City High School Baseball Field and Softball Field has been a hot topic for years. The goal to turf the baseball and softball fields has been an ongoing conversation with the Park City School District and we are happy to share that we have come to a solution.

After meeting with Erin Grady, the President of the Park City School Board, as well as Mike Tanner, Chief Operating Officer for the district, we are able to make the improvements we desire through a fundraising campaign driven by a committee of parents in the baseball community.

This project is no small feat! We understand the cost, however the benefits FAR outweigh keeping with the status quo. Improving our facility will change the face of Park City High School Baseball and Softball teams alike. The PCHS baseball alumni, Family of current high school players and active players all understand the importance of this project. For those of you with upcoming high school baseball and softball players, this project will help build Park City High School Baseball/Softball to a level on par with the best in the state. Many of our competitors have already made these upgrades and the benefits will speak for themselves.


ACADEMICS: When games are pushed to the road, it means more time on the bus for our kids. It means more time out of class, and less time to focus on school work. Some of our players have missed up to 24 class periods during the 2020-2021 school year due to travel (about half could be avoided with more home games). While most of our players have managed this challenge, it is not easy and requires extra time and work to get everything finished for their classes. The investment into the turf fields is a true investment into our students’ academic success.

PRACTICE TIME: For those of you who don’t know, spring high school baseball begins in the first week of March. Last spring we had 3 outdoor practices before the end of April. 1 in Orem, 1 at Judge, and just 1 on the PCHS field. Teams in our region have been on their fields since mid-February. While we are lucky to have a nice indoor facility at the Fieldhouse it is not the same as being on an outdoor diamond. This has been a disadvantage for us for years, and there are safety concerns with practicing baseball at Basin Rec. The risk of injuries is great, and our players have experienced everything from ankle injuries, balls getting through nets hitting kids, and a severe concussion a few years back that would not have happened outside. Additionally, it is an inconvenience to parents and players to have to drive to Basin Rec to practice after school. This adds to Park City’s already congested roadways and safety of the players also comes into play. Players do not have an opportunity to use the athletic training services at the high school in the preseason, because we leave campus for the Fieldhouse. 

FIELD MAINTENANCE: Have you ever been that frustrated bystander after games, wondering "when are they going to be done with the field work?" The coaches spend 10+ hours a week maintaining the field. The school district will tell you that it is maintained by the city... this is true, but not up to the standards for a competitive baseball field. So, the coaches and players MUST bridge the gap. There is very little maintenance that comes with a synthetic turf field. The district will save money on water and maintenance by turfing the field. When the city rents the baseball field, the cleanup/maintenance usually falls on the PCHS coaching staff. With a turf field, the city could rent the field, and there would be very little maintenance required. 

We Need Your Help ! 

Park City Ballpark Complex

Turf Fundraising Campaign- Goal 2.75 Million

This includes Baseball infield & outfield, Softball field & Auxiliary field  

Current Baseball Complex



Rick Farnell

Park City Miners Baseball Foundation